Rotjoch was founded in 1978 by singer/songwriter Ronald "Rebel" Welgemoed. The band released its first single "Tomorrow" in 1981. It became a small hit in The Netherlands. Later that year they released a second single "Bad Boy" and an album with the same name. The album became a milestone in the powerpop genre. Although the single "Bad Boy" didn't sell many copies it became their most popular song after it was released on the album Powerpearls Volume 5 in 1999. In 1982 they released a third single "Baby Baby Baby" under the name Rebel on the French label VIP-Records. It didn't sell very well either but is now very popular amongst power pop collectors, due to its rarity. A short time later Rotjoch split. Ronald kept on performing as Rebel and released two albums, "You're Already Listening" in 1989  and "The Morning Sun" in 2007. In 2014 Rotjoch made a come back single called “Sexy” with a new line up existing of Ronald, Juan Gieling on guitar, Pim Meester on bassguitar and drummer Bryan Hahury. Bryan was later replaced by William van Veenendaal. They recorded some more songs in the Bandstart Studio that were released on an EP called "Nobody Knows”.  Then they decided to record 12 new songs in the Dubcellar Studio with technician Robert Curiel. The songs are now on the album "Here To Stay" that was released in April 2019 by record company Helena Music Records. All the songs are mastered by Kevin Metcalfe, known for his work with Bowie, Queen, The Who and many others. Rotjoch recently released the (down-load only) single "Fade Away " which is the fourth single coming from the album "Here To Stay". The other three were “Stay”, “Night Winds” and "The Only Lonely Boy In Town".